To create the Mapuche Open Air University (MOAU) for the safeguarding and reconstruction of the Mapuche ancestral knowledge and its value in contemporary society, as a reference for the integral development of the Mapuche people and the enrichment of the current global society, in a relationship of harmonious coexistence.



  1. Release of courses and seminars promoting MOAU in Mapuche and non-Mapuche communities in the Araucanía, Metropolitan and Bio Bio regions.
  2. Starting the cycle of monthly outdoor talks.
  3. Starting the annual outdoor seminars cycle .
  4. Establishment of trainers’ team (teachers), establishment of levels of knowledge and preparation of materials and content for kimeltuchefe (transmitters of knowledge) courses.
  5. Campaign to incorporate new Mapuche and non-Mapuche partners in the MOAU.


  1. Establishment of councils of elders and funding team for the operation of the Mapuche University.
    • Creating a Elders Council
    • Creating a financing and support structure.
  1. Creating curriculum and program activities of the Mapuche University for formal course of 2016.
    • Curriculum and contents.
    • Teaching staff (Kimeltuchen).
    • Courses, Seminars, Talks and Events.


  1. Creating a physical space for the operation of the MOAU.
    • Acquire land, with dominant presence of native flora and fauna and natural water bodies that serve as a means of teaching and learning Mapuche knowledge.
    • Enable access and basic services. Consider road access, adequacy of locations and water and energy supplies.
    • Construct buildings.
  1. Creation of a center of extension and services.
    • Cultural extension
    • Tourism Services