Our principles

Meli Chagyu Folil, which translates as “four hooks rooted”, indicating that the Mapuche Open Air University must be sustained on four foundations or roots that support it and reflect its principles.

These foundations are:

  1. Philosophy, the look or way of understanding the world and its relation to itself.
  2. Memory (history), the various processes experienced by our people from its origin until today.
  3. Spirituality, is a style or way of life that the Mapuche were given from their origin in relation to their natural environment.
  4. Future, that is, the future of the Mapuche nation, which is the purpose of the Mapuche Open Air University, and which incorporates a re-encounter with itself (looking at the inner self and finding the purpose and pride of being and being born Mapuche), and therefore is the pursuit of coexistence with all forms of life that sustains the mother earth and the legacy toward future generations.


In fact these four chagyu are interconnected and each aims to achieve the Mapuche future or construction of the fourth. In the same way, in those foundations are implicit all other Mapuche areas, organization system, health, economics, language, spiritual ceremony, education, art, music, and others.

The ancestral values or principles will be those that should underpin the persistence and future state of the Mapuche Open Air University, including:

  • Yamuwün (transversal respect)
  • kelluwün (cooperation, solidarity)
  • Ngülamtuwün (orientation)
  • Norümtuwün (rectitude)
  • Magnelüwün (have certainty of the support from the other)
  • Trükawün (respect to the word)
  • Ekuwün (respect with fear of natural laws)
  • Feyentuwün (conviction, credibility)
  • Poyewün (self esteem)
  • Müngeltuwün (belief relative to the other)
  • Ipangnentuwün (camaraderie)
  • Rekülüwün (support, solidarity)
  • Kiñemongen (coexistence)
  • Witrankontuwün (to visit each other)
  • Others.